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Cloud Consultancy Services

Do you understand the opportunities the Cloud has to offer and how to take advantage of them?

Is it right for you?

Companies are contacting us in need of consultancy, advice in laymen terms and guidance in the minefield of Cloud vendors and the multitude of products.

With so many different Cloud providers, Cloud Solutions and Cloud services it is easy for your IT systems to become dispersed.

Maximise the value of a Cloud Consultant

Tegen can work alongside your current IT team whether they are internal or outsourced.

Tegen can plan, design, build and implement a Cloud solution that is based around your business requirements.

The best part? Because we are not tied to using any one vendor or provider – we can ensure that we always find you the most cost effective, efficient and reliable solutions for your business.

Free Consultancy

Fill in your details to receive a complimentary Cloud Consultation worth £2000!

What will a Cloud Consultant do?

A Cloud Consultant within Tegen will meet with you to understand your business requirements so we can provide unbiased advice to help with your decision process.

This will allow Tegen to identify a Cloud Solution that meets the needs of your business in their entirety.

Why use a Cloud Consultant? Find out now by calling 01293 297 100

Reduce Risk

During the consultation, not only will the areas of risk be exposed but we will also inform you of  the mitigating processes required to reduce or eliminate these risks.

Control Costs

Cloud services spread costs into an operational expenditure model and a consultant can help you realise these costs, where they can be reduced and the best value solutions available.

Manage Operations Efficiently

A Cloud Consultant will help you understand what solutions will work for the different operations you need it for as there is never a one size fits all approach.

Improve Business Functionality

Whether it is in Finance, HR, Sales or any other department. A Cloud Consultant will advise on the best line-of-business applications to help each department function better. 

Clients who have already had success with Tegen:

"Tegen has provided an unparalleled service and for the first time in my career, we actually have a computer system that works! Thank you, Tegen."

Andrew Hart, MD, Fileturn Ltd

"Tegen has supplied an outstanding service. It gives me great reassurance that we have the professional and dedicated services of Tegen at our disposal."

Iain Dougal, FD, Pets Corner Ltd

"Tegen has proven to be experts in their field – they're reliable, dependable and keen to help us understand how IT can help our business and help us grow".

Mark Sopp, MD, Unbeatable Car

Tegen can provide valuable Cloud consultancy services to help your business make the right commercial decisions when looking to Cloud services.

We will understand your needs, identify solutions that fit your requirements and more importantly expose areas of risk and the mitigating processes required to reduce or eliminate them.


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